Street Performer

Mike's multi-award winning street show "It's Not My Fault" pulls audiences into his surreal universe where they get pleasurably whacked in the funny bone.  Mixing fast paced verbal and physical comedy, unusual juggling and complete weirdness with two pink pool noodles, all of which is powered by improvisation, MIke leads the spectators on a journey through the absurd,  Performed in over 20 countries all over Europe, Canada, and Australia in 3 languages.

"At the beginning of your show I was suffering from severe menstrual cramps but I laughed so hard they went away. Thank you!"    -young lady after a show

List of Circus and Buskers Festival

East Meets West Festival

Dublin Circus Festival

Killarney Summerfest

Siamsa Circus Festival

Piste De Lancement

Tasmania Circus Festival


Cufus Fest

Bray Summerfest

European Juggling Convention

Midis-Minuits de la jongle'rue

Israel Juggling Convention


Jongl'o Pais

Asfaltarte International Festival

Andersen Festival

Bascherdeis Busker Festival

Just For Joy Festival

Ibla Buskers

Ursino Buskers

Fossano Mirabilia

Bo Buskers

...and many more.